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Available Lots For Sale

West Fargo

  • Brooks Harbor
  • Brooks Harbor 9th Addition
  • Eaglewood 4th Addition
  • Eaglewood 5th Addition
  • Eaglewood 7th Addition
  • Goldenwood
  • The Wilds 2nd Addition
  • The Wilds 4th Addition
  • The Wilds 8th Addition
  • The Wilds 9th Addition
  • The Wilds 11th Addition


  • Deer Creek North East
  • Deer Creek North West
  • Deer Creek South East
  • Deer Creek South West
  • Eagle Pointe 1st Addition
  • Eagle Pointe MGB 2nd Addition
  • Eagle Valley 1st Addition
  • Eagle Valley 2nd Addition
  • Farmstead at Brandt 1st Addition
  • Maple Valley 1st Addition
  • The Pines
  • Timber Creek 1st Addition
  • Timber Creek 3rd Addtion
  • Timber Creek 7th Addition


  • Johnson Farms 6th Addition
  • Stonemill Estates


  • Meridian Grove Mapleton