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One of the best parts of being a homeowner is having your own private yard. We definitely have to make use of the time we get to spend outside when living in either North Dakota or Minnesota. Continue reading for ideas on how to create the perfect yard for outdoor living this summer. Also, check out our promotion that will continue for the rest of June which includes appliances, a deck or patio, and the finishing of your yard with the purchase of a Jordahl Custom Home!


A deck or patio can be an essential part of outdoor living. If you don’t already have one we would be happy to help you! A deck or patio is the perfect gathering space for all kinds of entertainment. Whether it’s a big barbecue or a small get together, this is where most people like to hang out.


If you are worried about the weather, then consider adding a cover to your deck or patio.

Whether or not you have a deck or patio, you should consider buying outdoor furniture. Chairs, tables, hammocks, grills, and fire pits will make you never want to leave.

If you don’t want a deck or patio, there are plenty of things to do in your yard. You could buy a trampoline, yard games, build a swing set for the kids, or even have a picnic on a blanket.

Before you can relax in your yard you need to have grass. Our new construction homes won’t have grass right away, but that just means you are able to landscape however you choose! Adding rocks, trees, and flowers will turn your yard into a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

One last idea for your perfect yard is to create some privacy with a fence. We can definitely help you with the process of finding the right fence for your yard.

***Our developments have certain restrictions on which type of fence you can put up so be sure to check the covenants before you put one up on your own.