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Fall is one of the best times of the year to buy or build a new home! We hope you read our last blog post about why you should buy a home in the fall. Now we would like to share some fall décor and decorating trends. An HGTV article from the top ten design bloggers came out with a list of multiple fall trends. We have used several of these trends in our staging and to help our customers create a stunning home.

Whites and Neutrals

Clean and colorless are becoming more and more popular. Putting the focus on texture and shapes can give any room a modern and simplistic atmosphere. The picture below is one of our master bedrooms that we staged without using any bright colors.

Be Bold

If you don’t like all white and beige that is just fine! Using bold colors has also become a trend this fall. When you think of fall colors you probably think of orange and yellow. These colors are great if you want a warm cozy feel, but don’t be afraid to change it up. If you aren’t a fan of beige and white everywhere then put some color or patterns on the walls and furniture. We loved creating a bold style for this home pictured below by using wallpaper in the half bathroom next to the mudroom.

Bright On Black

Bring high contrast to your home by using basic colors such as white or black and the color of your choice. Paint an accent wall or add some throw pillows. Our designers wanted to try something new with one of our recent model homes by using black doors throughout the home. The results were stunning and you can see for yourself in the pictures above and below.

A Charming Kitchen

Everyone will feel differently about what a charming kitchen feels like. You have to do whatever works for you! It could be adding pops of color or just keeping it clean and simple. The pictures below are only a handful of kitchens where we added floating shelves, different colored islands, and tiled backsplash.

Your Style, Your Home

Lastly, keep in mind that we want your home to be YOURS. This fall you should decorate however you feel. If that means going Halloween crazy or choosing a cozy autumn atmosphere then that is what you should do! We would be happy to help you with the building process if you decide to go that route. We know how important it is to live comfortably and make a house feel like home. Contact the Jordahl Sales Team TODAY to make your fall dream home a reality!