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The 4th of July is a great time to show off your Jordahl Custom Home by having a party at your house. Here are some fun ideas on how to celebrate with your friends and family:


Don’t be afraid to try something different or creative in the kitchen. Allrecipes.com is a great resource for any type of appetizer, main dish, or dessert that is sure to be popular at your party.


What you have in your home or out on your lawn will determine the atmosphere of your party. The more patriotic decorations, the better! Your home will feel more welcome and inviting.


If the weather is good (This year the forecast is looking great!) your guests may want to play yard games. For those wanting to stay inside you could have board games or cards available.


This is the most important thing to remember when throwing a 4th of July party. Take all the necessary precautions when using fireworks. When your guests are leaving, know whether or not they will be safe when driving home. Everyone will have a great time at your party if they know they are safe.